Saint Benedict Cross

Should I have a Saint Benedict cross in my home?
Today at mass I was told by a fellow parishioner that I should have one in my lounge room.
What are your thoughts?
Also, I would need it blessed by my Priest too wouldn’t I?

Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:

The Devil cringes and hides at the sight, or even mention of a crucifix. The St Benedict’s Cross has the medal of St Benedict in it, so it is even more powerful against the Devil and his demons.

Yes! Go ahead and get one, and yes, have it blessed by a priest. You could also see if any Priest can do an exorcism blessing too.

God Bless :signofcross::byzsoc:

Thank you. That certainly sounds good. I have had my parish priest do a house blessing for me,about a year ago. Unfortunately he is not a believer in exorcisms and things like that, he doesn’t even like to bless items, he believes it’s all very superstitious. A little strange I think, but at least he came to my house.

There was a little bit of history of New Age/Occult in this house, not a lot, I had almost finished with all of that craziness when we moved in, but I still thought a house blessing would be good to get rid of any negative things from the previous owners and of course anything I may have brought in myself.

I think because of my ‘history’ it would be good that I do invest in one.:slight_smile:

Thinks blessings are superstitious? Yes, that’s a wee bit strange I must admit.

Anyhow, regardless of your history, also remember that the names of Our Lord and Our Lady are VERY powerful!

I agree that it is a lovely custom, but there is no ‘should’ about it, if by that you mean that Catholics are obligated to do so.

Here is some very good information from a Benedictine Abbey, along with a blessing that may be used.

St. Benedict is the Father of Western monasticism, and has contributed much to the Body of Christ, the Church.

Thank you LoyalViews for your response and a true point you made, the names of Our Lady and Lord are powerful. :slight_smile:

paperwight66 - I did want to see if many Catholic have this particular cross in their homes. The way I was told, it seemed that I had to have one, so this is good to know.
I think I will still purchase one anyway, certainly will only help things.

Dorothy - thanks for the link, it’s very interesting and helps me understand the cross a lot more.

Thank you all :slight_smile:

Have a blessed day!

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