Saint Benedict


St. Benedict, servant of God, who by the guidance of the Holy Spirit did create a Rule for monks and who by His graces steered clear of wickedness and triumphed over the world, the flesh, and the devil, I entrust to your care all Benedictine monks, who follow your holy Rule, and all religious men and women, who are dear to Jesus’ Heart, and all souls who honor you in whatever way possible, particularly by wearing the Medal that was struck in your honor, and every man who is named after you, most especially our current Pope, Benedict XVI. Protect them from evil, pray for them to the Lord, obtain for them a blessed Benedictine Medal if they are in need of one, bring their petitions to the Throne of God, and kindly recommend them to the manifold prayers of Holy Mary, Mother of God. If this is God’s Will, let it be done!




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