Saint Bracelets

I have seen Catholics wear those bracelets with saints. Does that serve a religious purpose? Or is it just worn as decorative jewellery? I ask because unlike most religious artifacts which I see used/worn by both men and women, I have never seen a Catholic man wear a saint bracelet. This leads me to think it is just worn as jewellery by women, without any necessarily religious connotation.

I wear one :smiley: but I have noticed that in the Gothic/Punk scene they have been adopting wearing saint bracelets, rosaries, Sacred Heart medals, medals of Our Lady, and Catholic themed t-shirts. I have asked some of them before if they know the significance of the symbols that they are wearing, and they shrug me off and say they don’t believe and it is just their style. It is saddening in my opinion. I wear the bracelets and t-shirts because I love my faith and am proud to be Catholic :smiley:

Some are cheesy, others are cool.

I think that one should wear minimal, no-threatening catholic jelwery…it provokes good conversation if people are curious and don’t think you’re a wacko.

Can you point me to a good website to find these bracelets?

Okay, so it is worn as decorative clothing and to show pride in your religion. Some people also wear it because they just like the aesthetic, and it may not be related to their beliefs at all. Do I have that right?

Is this female thing? Or do men wear these too? Maybe there is a male version?

I just found this website related to “saint bracelets:”

I found it interesting.

My atheist friend wears one. She asked me to identify all the saints on them-- mostly Our Lady and Infant of Prague, but I think St. Therese of Liseux was on there as well. I later saw it on Etsy marketed as “Bella’s Saint Bracelet” (from the Twilight movie) and it suddenly made sense why my friend had one-- she’s a big “Twihard.” :shrug:
Makes me not want to wear one, though. I’ll stick to my rosary bracelet!

I have never seen those movies lol I was wearing one before they were “cool” I teach an RE class at my parish and both the boys and girls wear them, but not because they are “cool” I can tell it’s because of their devotion for the most part. :smiley:

What is an RE class?

Religious Education

There is alot of children who wear them at the middle school I work at. Most of them that wear them are not Catholic and can’t tell me who is on them, same thing for the wearing of rosaries. Most dont even know its called a rosary.

All I can do is hope that just being around these kinds of sacrementals will eventually have a positive effect on them. :confused:

Lots of men at our parish wear them. In fact, I think our parish book store has sold more to men than to women. :shrug:

I got one for my co-worker for Christmas. Boy does it really catch the eye. She said she gets comments on it all the time. She never takes it off. She loves it. She calls it her anchor or rock or something like that.
I would like to get one for myself but its a little girlie.
It would cool if someone made them with the rosary mysteries or stations of the cross.

It’s not a sacramental unless it’s blessed, but I know what you mean. God can use these things, I believe.

I recently had a class with a girl who was wearing a large rosary with a (very) low-cut blouse and crucifix hanging down in front, and you can guess where the crucifix was. That upset me.

The stations of the cross! That would be cool. I would wear one.

I’ve seen a man wear a bracelet like that :slight_smile:

I have one too… (though Im female)
I don’t wear it as jewellery

I’ve seen a lot of guys wear them, some of my dear, dear friends who are like my brothers wear them. I used to wear one and I liked it because I enjoy having holy pictures around me. and it’s kind of good to have all those guys staring up at you all the time because it makes you think! I have this bracelet that is sort of like that, but it has holy medals for charms, I would wear it all the time but it is super fussy.


I wear one because its a symbol of my faith. A few of my dads friends wear them, so to answer your question about men wearing them they certainly do but more common for woman since its an accessory

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