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A little bit of background on me: I work in the disaster response and recovery field, and my birthday is May 10th.

Needless to say, I find myself compelled to study the little-known St. Catald (400-480 A.D.) of Taranto:

What the above posting (from the Irish Catholic Saints For All of May thread) doesn’t mention is that during his return trip from the Holy Land, he was shipwrecked at Taranto. According to Wikipedia, “Some of the miracles claimed in Catald’s name include protecting the city against the plague and floods that, apparently, had occurred in neighbouring areas.” He is a patron saint invoked against plague, floods, storms, and disasters.

In the wake of the devastation in Haiti, I believe that he would make a great intercessor: both for those affected by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake…and for the rest of us, that we may be mindful that the next San Andreas or New Madrid is only a fault slip away.

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St. Catald, ora pro nobis. :D


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St. Catald, ora pro nobis. :D


Had to look up "ora pro nobis." :blush: The Latin language is so beautiful.

St. Catald, pray for us.


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Had to look up "ora pro nobis." :blush: The Latin language is so beautiful.

St. Catald, pray for us.


Yes, I know very little of it but what I pick up is simple to remember because they're from basic prayers. :)

May God help the poor people of Haiti, with all of His graces and consolations. May they seek him and find Him, in all his saints.


St. Catald, pray for Haiti's people!


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