Saint Clare of Assisi Novena


I would like to publish this novena with Thanksgiving to the Beautiful Saint Clare of Assisi.
Dear Saint Clare of Assisi, I thank you for your intercession and for your love of God’s people.

Melissa Hansen

Through the intercession of Saint Clare of Assisi, we offer these 9 Hail Mary’s…
(recite 9 Hail Mary’s)

And also through her intercession, we beg the following requests;
Holy Saint Clare: (mention request for Business)

We also beg your intercession, Holy Saint Clare, for these two impossible causes:
(mention each of your two requests here)

Let us pray, Oh, Saint Clare, you who followed Christ in a life of poverty and prayer; Help us as we give ourselves, trusting in the providence of the Heavenly Father with total abandon. That we calmly accept His Divine will. Amen

*Pray for 9 days, with 9 Hail Mary’s.
*Pray with Blessed Candle in hand and on the 9th day, leave the candle lit.
*Make 3 requests. 1 for Business and 2 for impossible causes.
*Even without faith, these requests will be met.


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