Saint Erasmus

Wikipedia gives us the content of the legends surrounding him but I wish I could actually read a lengthy account of the Saint’s life translated into English from the sources that give us these legends. I can’t find the Acts of Saint Elmo online in PDF format, in what languages are the manuscripts of the Acts of Saint Elmo rendered in ?

Here’s a translation of the life of Saint Erasmus:

I’m not Catholic but when I first started to take interest in Catholicism a year or so ago, I cut out a little picture of St Elmo/Erasmus and put it on some flowers I was taking to hospital - my dad was having a piece of his bowel taken out because of cancer, so it seemed fitting to have the patron saint of intestinal pain on hand. He lives on the fridge at my parents’ house now. :slight_smile:

(I hope it’s not offensive for a non-Catholic to do that :blush:)

No, it is not offensive! :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing that.

:slight_smile: Well that’s good to know, because I like the Virgin Mary and learning about the different saints. Protestantism is a bit boring when it comes to those things.

I had to laugh when I read that last line. :rotfl:

Remarkable life. There is an altar dedicated to him at St. Peters in Rome.


Well it is! :stuck_out_tongue:

I went to a Uniting Church of Australia school (which was formed in 1977 when the Presbyterians, the Methodists and the United Church of Christ blended) and I don’t recall ever hearing about saints or the Virgin Mary. Although the ‘religious education’ there was pretty terrible in general. I found out a lot later by myself.

The Uniting Church is also part of the reason I’m ‘discerning’ - I’ve come to realise I’m not that thrilled about being baptised into a church that’s only ten years older than me. :smiley:

Anyway, back to St Elmo - I never realised all the other horrible things they did to him before the intestine-removal :frowning:

Saints are an inspiration for the world not just Catholics. :thumbsup:

Well that’s how I feel - even from a secular perspective, they are noble and brave people.

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