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Divine Mercy In My Soul
190. Once during an adoration, the Lord demanded that I give myself up to Him as an offering, by bearing a certain suffering in atonement, not only for the sins of the world in general, but specifically for transgressions committed in this house.

How is that possible?


This is where the Communion of the saints come in. We can bear sufferings for each other and by doing so, we participate in the redemption of Christ.

Here is a very good article about suffering:

This article quotes from Pope Pius XII, who wrote:

Moreover as our Savior does not rule the Church directly in a visible manner, He wills to be helped by the members of His Body in carrying out the work of redemption. That is not because He is indigent and weak, but rather because He has so willed it for the greater glory of His spotless Spouse. Dying on the Cross He left to His Church the immense treasury of the Redemption, towards which she contributed nothing. But when those graces come to be distributed, not only does He share this work of sanctification with His Church, but He wills that in some way it be due to her action. This is a deep mystery, and an inexhaustible subject of meditation, that the salvation of many depends on the prayers and voluntary penances which the members of the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ offer for this intention and on the cooperation of pastors of souls and of the faithful, especially of fathers and mothers of families, a cooperation which they must offer to our Divine Savior as though they were His associates.

The Catholic Church is the only church which truly understands the redemptive nature of suffering. We are the only Church who look at the Cross and don’t see just Jesus’ suffering, but we see our Lord redeeming the world. And through his love for us, he has made it possible for us to be a part of the redemption of the world.

That, I believe, is what Our Lord was telling Sister Faustina. We should never “waste” suffering, but always offer it for redemption of others through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.



Aha! Now I understand :slight_smile: Gloria Dei!


The Catholic Church and the love of God is like a beautiful perfect diamond, isn’t it? The more you look into it, the more dazzled you are by its beauty and perfection!



It’s like a treasure box that’s fifty google plex miles long, wide, and tall, all full of treasures :slight_smile:


Is it possible and okay for someone to offer themselves in atonement for the sins of the world?


Of course it is - when I make my morning offering I offer all my ‘prayers, works, joys and sufferings’, as the formula goes, in atonement for my sins and those of the world, among other intentions


But if that’s the case, than how come the Church teaches that only Jesus could die for man’s sin?


This consoled me:

Gloria Dei!


if it is done in humility, it is alright :slight_smile: but only with humility. And the person should also be prepared for what might come, because it would very likely include suffering…

Only Christ could rescue us from eternal punishment due to sin… but we can unite our sufferings to His and offer them to the Father, for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation… and to atone for *temporal *punishment. For example, I tend to think that with prayer and sacrifice, sinners can be converted, and chastisements of the world could be prevented…(but to prevent such things, probably more than one person has to do this. We should always have the humility to admit that our prayers and sacrifices might not be as effective as those of others, and we should not forget to offer to God Christ’s merits and those of the Church, because they are greater… that is why offering a Mass for someone is so powerful, because Christ Himself is being offered in the Eucharist, for an intention)

it is a good article :slight_smile:

God bless


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