Saint Faustina..

This is kind of an odd question. What are some other names for “Faustina” besides Tina? I love saint Faustina and if I have a baby girl someday in the future I’d love to name her after Saint Faustina but I’m not sure if I love the name… I know very odd but I’m just curious :slight_smile:

Honestly, not many and I speak from experience. I have a three year old daughter named Faustina. We have some weird ones for her like “Queen Frostina” (like Queen Frostine from Candy Land) or Frosty or Fausty. Those kinds of things. We just go with other more random nicknames for her; people outside our family sometimes call her “Tina” but we never do.

It’s an awesome name but if you’re a real nickname person then maybe come up with a good middle name or two that would work when shortened.

I love my Faustina Elisabeth Rose!

I wonder if Fausta might be a derivative? It’s an uncommon Italian name.

Faustina comes from Faustine, a Latin name.

It was given to her when she joined the convent.

It means fortunate.

Maybe she was named after an earlier St. Faustina who also had visions of Jesus.

If you love St. Faustina, but are not so sure about giving a child that name, you could name the baby Helena, St. Faustina’s baptismal name. Our first grandchild will be born in December, and I love these baby naming threads!

Ya, I like St. Dymphna. lol. I love her, but I don’t think I want to name my possible future daughter Dymphna.

Name your child that the kids won’t have any luck making fun of.
Something usual and easy to remember will make their life better.
Name them after someone who is admired and well thought of. Image is important.
Faustina is a tongue twister. The kids won’t get it right. She will have to explain it.

Just a thought for the child.

I am very thankful for St. Faustina. My wife had a hard time converting to the Catholic Church and she wasn’t eager to choose a patron saint, but upon her first confession the priest mentioned St. Faustina and she felt compelled to choose her as a Patron Saint. It was a very awesome thing.

My niece is going to be named Faustina, after the Saint. She was conceived in answer to prayers for intercession to the Divine Mercy. We have been thinking of nicknames for her and some names we have thought of are: Fina, Ina, Faye and Faith.

You could always make it a middle name. That way the whole name is still included rather than a derivative but an easier name could be used as the first name.

I love the name Faustina and I think Tina is a cute nickname. :stuck_out_tongue:
If you don’t like it that much you can give it to her as a middle name. God bless!

I am glad you explained that! I try to avoid saying “Lucky” or “Good luck”. To me it seems to take God out of the question. Plus it sounds too much like that other guys name. I wondered also about using “fortunate”(does that take God out of it?), but now that you have said this, I won’t wonder anymore!

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