Saint for Cyclists


A friend has recently recommenced cycling.

She has done so with some trepidation.

Slightly jokingly, but I guess with a need for support she asked for a recommendation for a Saint to ask prayers for as a cyclist.

Suggestions please :)

Communicating St Francis de Sales!


Would be useful for me too, as I cycle almost daily :)


I don't have any answers, but somehow I doubt that there's one named Lance.


Our Blessed Mother as Our Lady del Ghisallo :slight_smile:

Patron Saint of Bicycling:

Madonna del Ghisallo

Also known as
    Our Lady of Ghisallo; Madonna of Ghisallo
    Medieval legend says that Count Ghisallo was travelling near the village of Magréglio when he was attacked by highway bandits. Spotting a image of the Virgin Mary in a roadside shrine, he broke away from his attackers and ran to it. There he took refuge, pled for Our Lady's protection - and was miraculously saved from the robbers.
    As the story spread, the Madonna del Ghisallo became known as patroness of local travellers. In more recent times, cyclists would often stop to rest and pray at the chapel, which is a local landmark, and is at the top of a steep hill. After World War II, Father Ermelindo Vigano, pastor at the shrine, proposed Ghisallo as the site of an Italian shrine for bicyclists, and she was given as patroness of cyclists on 13 October 1949 by Pope Pius XII. The chapel has become equal part religious shrine, part cycling museum, with artifacts and photos from the sport. There is an eternal flame that burns there in memory of the cyclists of are no longer with us, and services each Christmas Eve and the Feast of All Souls commemorate them.
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maDOHnah DEL ghey*SAHloh, BTW;)

*pronounced like key


Thanks for this.

Looks like this also comes up, French source:

Cyclistes Ste Catherine

And why?

The story and history of Saint Catherine. Catherine of Alexandria (also now known as Saint Catherine of the Wheel)-


was of noble birth, the daughter of Constus, governor of Alexandria in Egypt. She was extremely well educated and was receptive to new ideas. She converted to Christianity and started to preach the faith to many learned people. At this time Gaius Valerius Galerius Maximinus (c. 270 - 313) and Roman emperor from 308 to 313 was persecuting Christians. Emperor Maximinus offered Catherine a royal marriage if she would deny her faith in Christianity. She refused and was scourged and thrown into prison. The wife of the Emperor became curious about the young girl and was converted to the faith by her teachings, as were many Roman soldiers. When the emperor discovered this they were all put to death.** Catherine was broken on the wheel and then beheaded**.


This is related too, "Pedal to the Medal" cycling club, interesting concept, had not seen something like this prior.

This second one is one of those medals that would directly wrap around the head tube of the bike. (Notre Dame De La Route, obviously, Our Lady of the Road).

English versions of this are sold in America too and encompass St. Christopher sometimes, I have seen them and often available at Catholic Stores like your Guardian Angels/St. Christopher medals , clip ons for cars).

I’ve seen old cycling holy medals for sell on some European ebay websites before.


I like Pedal to the Medal :)

Is St Catherine really a patron for cyclists or ....

Any other not Our Lady patrons?

Skype Rosary


[quote="Godric2, post:10, topic:312463"]
I like Pedal to the Medal :)

Is St Catherine really a patron for cyclists or ....

Any other not Our Lady patrons?

Skype Rosary


Well, St. Catherine was from a French site, I could not find that in the English language....

But check this out, saw this one EWTN, Biking for Babies.

There website, well, I will have to reflect on this and see if I can do anything.

T-shirts too :

You have been very kind Godric, I have been at times a bit of a freak about English bikes, I know a little how things are over there though now, I am using the bike all very functionally.... we will see.

Thank You Sir!


You are welcome.

Cycling is becoming more and more popular in the UK.


Cross Dressing Saints?


Thought this thread might interest you.

I've also used this website in the past, I like some classic bicycles! Not because I'm a collector, it's the one way I can have a "stylish" bike without spending a high amount of money. :rolleyes: Okay, some of that is said in jest but I really do know a bit about cycling over there, the brands, Claude Butler, that riding from Land's End to John O'Groats (which to anyone who doesn't know seems to be riding from one part of the United Kingdom (England) to the very tip top (Scotland where John O'Groats is)). It's a famous ride and of course, of course, United Kingdom have done very well in cycling events, the Olympics, the last Tour de France, I know who Reg Harris is, read a book all about Raleigh, so it's more than a passing knowledge. Oh, that website:

There is one essay/article on that website I find interesting is that before World War II, cycling as a pass time really was a big deal in England/UK. Why are there so many bikes under different companies called the "Clubman", because Raleigh, Claud Butler, various makers made them for the popular cycling clubs, a group would go on a weekend trip, rather inexpensive and go camping, etc. It really sounded like something one might want to be in.

Yes, even today, there are plenty of cycling clubs, one goes out for a ride and that is fine but I think it's a bit different in these modern times.

But what remains, is that one can go cycling, I've been cycling for years, and one can feel closer to nature, to God, honestly. I've seen wild life like never before, thank goodness, no really threatening animals here. Once at sunset, an owl caught a squirrel just a few feet right next to me once while I was on the bike, I kept riding, I didn't want to disturb things.

Deer, and a few other animals yes, I see, not long ago, I saw a flock of crows, I mean there were probably about 200 of them going through the crisp winter sky, I never knew that so many would do something like that. Well, sorry, a bit of a long answer here.

Afterthought: This would look good on a bike: Somewhere, I should have one.


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