Saint Francis Classes

Hello! I have recently started Saint Francis Third Order classes and am really interested in learning all I can about Saint Francis aside what I am already learning. I am hoping there could be on online class about Saint Francis somewhere and somebody here may know of one? Thank you for your time!

Read his biographies by Celano

Read that link, and call your Chancery to inquire which parishes host Third Order sessions.
They have a list. Congrats! You will love it! :thumbsup:

Look for the books Catch Me A Rainbow & Catch Me A Rainbow. Too, both by Lester Bach, OFM. Also, the book The Road To Assisi by Paul Sabatier. They may be found on eBay. All of these books are essential reading for Third Order Formation. You may also want to check out the following website.
This website offers a host of Franciscan supplies. God bless.

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