Saint Gender-to-Gender Survey


Just a little survey in relation to my other recently opened thread in this section:

Somewhat related. :slight_smile:


It’s the battle of the sexes! :smiley:

I am male and my favorite saint is male: St. Stephan.

But if you asked who my favoritist saint is, it is my Heavenly Mother, Mary! :slight_smile:


Saint Raphael,
who isn’t a Male or Female.


Aside from the Blessed Mother who is in a category of her own, my favorite Saint is St. Joseph.


St. Padre Pio is my awesome saint. His picture is in 3 rooms of our house.


What’s this about St. Raphael not being male or female ? I don’t get it.


He is an angel and angels don’t have genders.


tough really. Impossible really. saint Joan of Arc introduced me to the church, and then introduced me to my best friend, and perhaps someday, my wife if God wills it.
Saint Dymphna is my best friend. ( another best friend that is. :smiley: )
Anyway , It’s a toss up between Joan and dymphna.
I’m male.


My favorite saint is St. Elizabeth the New-Martyred Abbess.

The was the elder sister of the last Empress of Russia.

She was a direct descendant of St. Elizabeth of Hungary (for whom she was named), raised as a Lutheran, converted to Orthodoxy, and died as a martyr.

She founded the Martha-Mary Convent of the Sisters of Charity, a revolutionary act in Russia at that time!, which was devoted to, among other things, home health care among the poor.

She is NOT wearing the habit of a Russian nun in this photo or icon.


This poll reminds me of another:



I’ve always been drawn to female saints because it’s easier to draw examples from them in my role as a woman. I love St. Philomena, but my most very very favorite saint right now is St. Gianna Molla… I also love Mother Teresa and Joan of Arc. My favorite male saint at the moment is St. Paul.


Excluding Our Blessed Mother, the great miracle workers, St. Anthony of Padua. St. Padre Pio, St. Catherine of Sienna, St. Rose of Lima, St Teresa of the Little Flower are my favorites.


Female and my favorited saint is St. Francis.


I’m really surprised to see that male saints are preferred – but that’s only because there are statistically more female than male saints canonized. My hypothesis was that more people would have a favorite female saint due to this “larger pool” to draw from.

This definitely gives me pause to think about why male saints seem to be preferred.


Many of the male saints were priests, whose office supposes preaching to the public. Therefore, it may be so because the work of male saints are usually more visible not only to their contemporary public but also posthumously through his written words.



In other words, male saints are well marketed. :smiley: And I believe you’re right. Given societal and customary restrictions on women in the past, I can definitely see how the intimate details of many women saints would not be known.

I think Vatican II has definitely opened the doors, through, for not only more female saints, but even more devotion to these saints due to their ministerial and apostolate involvement.

Ya know, my other hypothesis was Freudian in nature, thinking that men would be more likely to choose female saints and women would choose male saints. :o


Angels do not have bodies like men or women,
they are just souls, but have no need of gender because there is no need for
reproductive systems, as we know the number of angels have stayed the same.
As far as I know…something like that, maybe it’s a little of, just google it I dunno :shrug:


Your other hypothesis was also correct! :eek:

7/13 - males chose males - 53.8%
10/17 - females chose males - ** 58.8% **

6/13 - males chose females - ** 46.2 % **
7/13 - females chose females - 41.2%

Thanks for the information! :o


It shouldn’t be that surprising: spiritually speaking, the saints have certain qualities which we would like to see engendered in our spouses…and definitely in ourselves. In a sense, they’re the ideal partner. :slight_smile:


This is really interesting. I’m a female and almost all of the saints I feel close to are male. I’m surprised to see that many others seem to feel similarly.

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