Saint Joan of Arc's Birthday

Next Tuesday, January 6, is the 597th anniversary of the birth of Saint Joan of Arc. She was an amazing woman of God who deserves to be remembered and whose life deserves to be celebrated. I set up a special page for her birthday at:


I love St. Joan of Arc! I remember when I went through RCIA and I selected her name for my baptism and confirmation. Thanks for the reminder that her birthday is coming up. It serves as an opportunity to reflect on her extraordinary life.

Beautiful page. It is easy to forget that she was born on Epiphany but she was. Thanks for reminding me, I will definitely take a moment tomorrow to remember Saint Joan. The parade in New Orleans sounds really cool, I only wish I could be there.

One of my favortie saints…Happy Birthday St. Joan.

Thank you for telling me! She will be my confirmation saint. I also took her name when I entered this site. I love St. Joan, true example of strenght in Christ.

Happy Birthday, friend.

I forgot! Happy BELATED Birthday, St. Joan!

One of my favorite Saints, too! I’ve done some presentations on her in local libraries, and for Confirmation and summer Religious Ed programs.

I’ve also been to France and seen the principal places of her life-Domremy, Orleans and Rouen. My first trip to France in 1985 was a “St. Joan Pilgrimage”. I witnessed the “Fete de Jeanne d’Arc” in Orleans on that trip.

And this year [2009] marks the 580th anniversary of the liberation of Orleans!


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