Saint Joseph's College, Maine


I am in the process of applying to Saint Joseph’s College, Maine to finish my bachelor’s degree which I started 30 years ago, then abandoned to get married and raise my family.

Well the time has come, and I have decided I want to pursue a degree in theology, hopefully to prepre me for Catholic minstry work of some sort in the future. I have previously served as a DRE in my local parish, but I am looking do do something on the diocesan level or in Catholic Education.

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this school ? I will be part of the online program - any knowledge of this ?


I don’t have any knowledge of the school but I just wanted to wish you good luck!



I can’t tell you what the school is like from an academic perspective, but I can tell you that it is no great Catholic institution.


Dear Exiled,

Thanks for your reply. I am aware that only a handful of Catholic colleges and universities have signed and stand by the mandatum. Unfortunately I must complete my degree online _ I wish I could just pack up and move to Steubenville !!

One thing St. Joseph’s has going for it - they hosetd a big “Theology of the Body” conference last fall with Christopher West - so that is positive !!


I have taken online courses with St. Joseph and was quite happy. It was my first time taking courses online and it was actually harder then I expected. Harder then attending classes. You really have discipline yourself for study and test time. You will have to find a procter to administer you your final, someone not a family member or friend, pref. an educator in your area. The staff was very helpful and responded to any questions usually within hours of e-mailing them. Personally I would highly recommend St. Joseph’s from the experience I have had. I will continue to take courses with them as my finances and time permit.


Can anyone second this opinion? My specific concern is whether SJC of Maine is Orthodox. Also, what is the mandatum?


If Saint Joseph’s of Maine Theology program is too liberal, can anyone know if Catholic Distance University is more conservative?


I have a friend who attended St. Joe’s in Maine, and she hated it. I’m not sure about the academics, but the school has secular morality, and she even had pro-abortion professors. Her roommate was a bisexual pagan, and they allow the students in the dorms to stay overnight with people of the opposite sex. I’ve heard they do have a fantastic, orthodox priest, though. My friend opted to give up on St. Joes after a semester, I believe, and chose to spend less money on the local state university. The only thing she misses about it is the daily mass, which very few people but her attended anyway.


If Saint Joseph’s of Maine Theology program is too liberal, can anyone know if Catholic Distance University is more conservative?


Acording to, St. Joseph’s of Maine is compliant with the mandatum. I am currently doing graduate-level distance learning from St. Joseph’s in a Theology track, and am finding it very challenging as well as highly orthodox. The Moral Theology course is far more orthodox (based on Aquinas and JP II) than the undergrad moral theology I experienced at a Catholic college.

Starting in 1983, canon law required that a theologian teaching in a Catholic university receive a mandatum from the local bishop, showing his intention to teach with the Church.

I can also echo what another poster wrote concerning how responsive and helpful the St. Joseph’s staff is.


Incidentally, where did you find out that they are compliant with the mandatum?



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