Saint Mary's Baptist Church


This weekend, I passed by a church called “Saint Mary’s Baptist Church”. I was wondering if anyone knows about this church and how the church teaches on Mary?



I think it might depend on where the church is. I know that there is a St. Mary’s Baptist Church, but it is in the little town of St. Mary, Illinois. Also, I know there is a St. Charles Baptist Church, but it is on St. Charles Avenue.


I would be willing to bet they don’t have any teachings on Mary. I agree with the PP. Probably just the road, town, or something in the town that made them name the church that. A lot of Methodist churchs are named Saint (fill in the blank) United Methodist Church for no particular reason.

I’ve never known any protestant religion to teach anything about Mary other than she was the mother of Jesus and that it was a virgin birth. They mostly pretty much stop at that.


My favorite name for a Baptist church is for one here in North Carolina: Big Lick Baptist. (Which is NOT, btw, how they baptize. :wink: )


What do you mean “no particular reason”? The reason is to honor saints. Methodists are into that–some of them, anyway.

Many black Baptist churches use saints’ names in their title. White Baptist churches generally don’t–at least in the U.S. Water, aren’t you in Singapore or somewhere thereabouts?



Your mostly right we protestants recognise what scripture speaks of her.That she occupies a unique place in biblical history. She conceived Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. Then, she bore the Messiah. Among women, she is most blessed (Luke 1:42) and all who claim to be Christian acknowledge her as a chosen vessel of God. While Christians admit Mary’s uniqueness, the Catholic Church has, in its own words, “clarified her position and nature through Sacred Tradition.” Through the centuries, more and more doctrines concerning her have been revealed.


I guess I didn’t mean that the way it sounded. I just meant that most Methodists don’t honor saints the way that Catholics do and the Methodist churches where I live, if you asked them, have no idea why their church is named what it is.


In MN there’s a St. Paul’s Jewish Center which is not a Christian denomination. It’s named after the city of St. Paul, but I always thought it an odd name for a Jewish Center.

As to the Church adding new doctrines about Mary down through the centuries, that’s not the case. What the Church means by: “clarified her position and nature through Sacred Tradition” is simply that and nothing more. No new doctrines have been added about Mary or anything else. Dogmas have been defined, which is a different matter.

What has happened is the Church has delved into Sacred Tradition (which includes the Bible) and drawn from it truths about Mary’s place in God’s plan of salvation. These truths tell us things about Jesus that are vital to all Christians. They are not intended to make of Mary anything other than what she was and is.


Thanks all for helping me with the answer so far.
Edwin, I was originally from Vietnam but now living in Texas, US.


I may still have the picture around that I took back in the mid-70s at a st. Louis Cardinals babseball game. The scoreboard was listing groups at the game, and one of them was

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Baptist Church

Had to have been a mistake:whacky:


It will be odd if the name Mary has little meaning to the church.
I might try to get the phone number of the church and ask them.

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