Saint Meinrad Archabbey

Can anyone tell me about this Abbey? I’m exploring the possibility of becomeing a Benedictine Oblate and was wondering if this Abbey was traditional or modernist. Thanks in advance.

Can anybody help me with this question? Thanks

under the spirituality forum are many threads on secular orders and Benedictine oblates in particular, and on various monasteries, and I know this particular one has been discussed before. a search on those topics would be profitable for you.

I don’t know if this will help but there is a website.

St. Meinrad is not traditional in regards to the Traditional Mass. But I wouldnt call them modernist either. They celebrate the Novus Ordo, but chant the Mass and the Divine Office very beautifully.

I have heard that they are not particularly traditional, but I can’t remember where or when I heard that. OTOH, they do produce Gregorian chant fonts, psalm tones and other chant-oriented sheet music, etc, which is a “traditional” endeavor. Probably the best way to judge is to attend one of their Masses and decide.

BTW, I’ve been to Mass at the Benedictine abbey in Solesmes, France and over there they have the most traditional Mass I’ve ever attended, and it’s N.O. So the two are not incompatible.

As an oblate with St. Meinrad’s, I can assure you that they are all right. Conservative, but not far to the right, definitely not liberal. Fr. Meinrad, the director of oblates, is a wonderful man and depending on your specific chapter and where it meets, you will find much spiritual strength from their program and its materials. Personally, I am a member of the chapter that meets in Pensacola, Florida, and even though I have to commute three hours each way once a month to attend it, I wouldn’t miss it for anything. Not even the Super Bowl!

ive been there on a highschool liturgy retreat called One Bread One Cup, in fact the group from my Parish just got back from this year’s one.
it’s beautiful there. i dont know what much else to say other than they have a website, just google the name of the place.
dioceses send their seminarians there to study theology. its a great place, a real beacon of how things oughta be. the monks engage the world and are open to people making retreats and what not.
of course, they do live the monastic life, so they’re very holy :slight_smile:

hope that helps

Thanks everyone now I feel I can look into them a little further and feel safe and good about it. God bless.

DUDE, IT IS THE BOMB!!! Set in the middle of nowhere (Southern Indiana:p ), the monastery is on a hill overlooking the landscape and the campus is simply beautiful. There’s athletic facilities and a lake that is great to take a stroll around. Their archabbey is huge and really is a testament to our faith. The monks are very friendly. In fact, our Bishop attended St. Meinrad for his undergraduate i think. I too attended the OBOC conferences and every year is different.

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