Saint Modomnoc , 6th century saint


Celebrated on February 13th

Abbot. St Modomnoc was born in the 6th century, and, according to legend was a son of the royal O’Neill family of Ireland. He studied under St David at his Menevia monastery in Pembrokeshire.

One of his duties as a monk was looking after the beehives. Stories tell that a swarm of his bees settled on his ship when it was time for him to return to Ireland - and so he was the person that introduced beekeeping to the country.

In the 9th century Martyrology of Oegus the Culdee, it is written: “in a little boat from the east in a pure-coloured sea my Domnoc brought the gifted race of Ireland’s bees.”

Modomnoc settled at Tibberaghny in Co Kilkenny. Some historians claim he became bishop of Ossory.
(from ICN)


St. Modomnoc, pray for us, and for the bees! :honeybee:


St. Modomnoc, ora pro nobis.

Thank you for posting this. May God bless you through the intercession of Saint Modomnoc.

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