Saint Nicholas Day celebrations


I left my cool looking bright red and white patent leather swing dance shoe under my seat at the opera last night and when I came back from intermission St, Nicholas had placed a bag of Blommer’s chocolate candies in it which I got to share with my friends, the people who sit around me, and even some of the operahouse employees. That was fun! And, as someone who sits by me said, “Chocolate goes well with this music!” (Gounod’s Romeo and Juliet in French).


And after his busy ride through the southwestern suburbs! Today at our Brownie meeting, I heard he made it through 2 other nearby Catholic schools as well. So by the time he got to the opera house, he’d really covered a lot of ground.


Well, it was a long work (3.5 hours), so he had time to make it downtown before 11 for a nightcap! I hear he was seen hanging out at the jazz clubs until about 2 A.M.! Even St. Nick has to unwind after a long and busy day.


During our altar server’s meeting…who are now known as Knights and Ladies of the Altar…they were told to leave their shoes in the vestibule…it was “no shoes in church” today meeting…and to their delight, St.Nick visited and placed tangerines and candy in their shoes.


Does this make St. Nick “footloose”?


When I worked in a college dorm one of the girls on my floor and I put paper shoes I made with a little history of the tradition of St Nick pasted on the bottom of the shoe outside the other students’ doors. I put a bag of candy on each shoe. I worded it like a cultural activity so they would allow it (non- Catholic college). It was the girl’s idea to do it, which I thought was pretty neat since she wasn’t even Catholic.


7th graders took care of the St. Nicholas event for kinder, pre-K at both CCD sessions this morning. They read the story of the saint, who then came dressed in his bishop’s regalia to visit the class and tell a little about his life and his work. meanwhile his faithful assistant Peter put goody bags in the children’s shoes outside in the hall. We ended up with games, puzzles and coloring sheets to take home. Benefit–7th grade learned about the saint in their class last Tuesday, made the bags, learned about the bishop and his role in the early Church, including the Arian heresy, so they got some church history as well.


I was wondering…if St Nicholas has already been…who comes on Christmas Eve?


That would be Hardrock, Coco, and Joe!


grandma and grandpa


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