"Saint of" replaced "god of"?

There is a YTer who appears to be a Seventh-Day Adventist who has a series of videos all about New World Order conspiracy theories, and in one of those videos about Catholicism, he makes an argument that I don’t know how to refute, but I have a kind of intuition that it’s bogus. Basically, he says that Catholics made up the idea of the intercession of the saints so that pagans, rather than having to pray to the god of X, they could just switch to praying to the saint of that X. What is your response to this?

Without doing much research right now, I would say that the belief in the intercession of saints started very early on in the Church history - and without the idea of patron saints. Martyrs were significant church figures in the early Church. The patron saint tradition came later, but the belief in the communion of saints in Heaven praying for us on Earth was present since the beginning.

Plus, even if there is a correlation with Paganism on this point, that does not make the idea of patron saints not true.

On the contrary, the belief in saints and their intercession actually started with our Jewish roots, and it was actually the pagans who abhorred the early christians for this.

So it is actually pagan not to believe in saints. More explained here in this article…calledtocommunion.com/2012/08/relics-saints-and-the-assumption-of-mary/

Brown challenged my view that the place of saints and relics in the church was a mere holdover from paganism, and that the practice was somehow peripheral to true Christianity. Instead, Brown painted a picture of ancient Christianity and paganism in which relics were indispensable to the former, and repulsive to the latter. Far from a holdover from paganism, the place of relics in the Church appeared as something intensely Jewish, Hebraic, and Old Testament. Pagans, like Julian-the-Apostate, found the practice revolting and legislated against it. (Paganism, with its notions of ritual purity, had strictly delimited the realm of divine worship and neatly separated it from the realm of corpses and the dead.)

It’s not “Saint of,” it’s “Patron of.” And a patron is more of a supporter.

Also, God is the God of all. He is God of musicians, God of artists, God of nurses, doctors, soldiers, police officers, fire fighters, etc.

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