Saint of the day and Feast days-Part 3

December 5
Brothers and sisters in Christ, we continue with our Memorials of the Saints in this third part of the thread “Saint of the day and Feast days”.
You will find part 2 here in case you want to check on anything from the earlier posts.
Here too is “Saint of the day and Feast days”, the very first thread.

December 5
Today is the Memorial of
Saint John the Wonder Worker
Among many other Saints

Saint John the Wonder Worker.

John was an 8th century Bishop of Polybotum in Phrygia. He was a defender of the Sacred Images. His position on this issue was at odds with those of the Iconoclast Emperor Leo, the Armanian. John reportedly performed so many miracles that the emperor was afraid of him and did not dare persecute him.
He died in 750
Was canonized by acclamation, i.e. Pre Congregation.
Saint John the Wonder Worker,
Pray for us

December 6
Today is the Memorial of
Saint Abraham of Kratia
Among many other Saints

Saint Abraham of Kratia
Bishop and Hermit.

Abraham was born in 474 at Emesa in Syria. He became a monk in the city but was forced to flee to Constantinople because of raids by local pagans on his community which destroyed the monastery and caused the monks to disperse. In Constantinople, he entered another monastery. When he was 26, he became abbot of the monastery in Kratia. After a decade as abbot, Abraham resigned and went to Palestine where he became a hermit. He was forced to return by his Bishop and shortly after his return , he was made Bishop of Kratia. He served in this office for thirteen years before fleeing again to Palestine in the quest for solitude and a life of contemplation.
He spent the rest of his life in a monastery there.
Abraham died in 558 in Palestine.
He was canonized Pre-Congregation
Saint Abraham of Kratia,
Pray for us!

The relics of Saint Don Bosco is here in Nairobi on display at Don Bosco Catholic Church.
The faithfuls are lining up in their numbers to go and pray/honor the saint.
I hope that I too, can make it there.

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:
Yes, today is also the Memorial of Saint Nicholas
Bishop of Myra.
Saint Nicholas,
Pray for us!

Saint Nicholas,
Pray for us!

To tell you guys the truth, today is the first time I am reading about St. Nikolaus. I checked out the old thread. Over here, this day is Nikolaus day for children, but again, it’s only today that I’ve actually put the puzzle pieces together. :slight_smile:

So Father Christmas is Santa Claus who is Saint Nikolaus right oder?

hope u made it there

Afraid not Kelvin.
Best day would have been last Sunday, but I could not make it.
week day is an unchangeable routine of struggling to get to work on time ( Nairobi’s traffick jams deserve a place in the guinnes book of world records :slight_smile: ) then after work, there is just time enough to get back home before it is dark. Crazy life.
If I donot make it, I will read his biography again in honor.

Yes, Father Christmas is Saint Nicholas. You read how he reportedly loved children and gave all his wealth to the poor. I do not know, though , how he came to be “Santa Claus”:slight_smile:

December 7
Today is the Memorial of
Saint Mary Joseph Rosello
Among many other Saints.

Saint Mary Joseph Rosello
Foundress of the Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy.

She is also known by the following names.
Benedetta Rossello; Benedicta Rossello; Josepha Rossello; Maria Giuseppe Rossello; Maria Joseph Rollo and Sister Mary Joseph.
Saint Mary Joseph Rosello was born in 1811 at Albissola Marina, Liguria in Italy. She was baptized Benedetta.
She was the daughter of a poor potter and was one of nine children. When she was sixteen, Benedetta became a Franciscan tertiary. Her wish was to become a hermitess but was desuaded from embarking on this way of life by her spiritual director, Capuchin Father Angelo of Savona. She took care of an invalid in Savona for nine years and when her patient, Mr. Monteleoni died, she and three companions, Pauline Barla, Angela and Domenica Pescio, founded a community in Savona in 1837, The
Daughters of Our Lady of Pity, devoted to the education of poor girls, the founding of hospitals and doing charitable works. Angela was named superior, while Benedetta, now named Josepha, became mistress of novices. In 1840,she was elected superior and held that position the rest of her life.
She died on 7 December 1888 at Savona, Italy and was canonized in 1949 by Pope Pius XII.
Saint Mary Joseph Rosello,
Pray for us!

I understand “Santa Claus” was a poor translation of Saint Nicholas from either Dutch (Sinterklaas) or German (Sankt Nikolaus) to English.

A priest once said, when you translate, you betray. :slight_smile:

We avoid the eyes of men to commit sin, yet we do it in God’s presence.
St. Ambrose


We avoid the eyes of men to commit sin, yet we do it in God’s presence.
St. Ambrose

Never a truer statement!

Sinterklaas! gee! The priest was very right :smiley:

December 8
Today is the Memorial of
Pope Saint Eutychian
Among many other Saints

** Saint Eutychian
Also known as Eutychianus, or Eutychianos.
Virtually nothing is known about this saint, other than that he was born at Etruria , Tuscany, or Luni in Italy . He succeeded Felix I as Pope on January 4, 275 and died on December 7, 283 and was buried in the catacomb of Callistus.
He was the 27th pope,
His canonization was Pre-Congregation
Pope Saint Eutychian,
Pray for us!

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