Saint of your birthday


I wonder does the saint of the feast day your birthday falls on have any significance ? Mine would be ST Francis Xavier, the name of the St. of my Parrish.


My birthday is the Feast of the Dedication of St John Lateran in Rome.

It clearly means that I am loved by the Pope and that he prays for me. :heart_eyes:

And it means that my birthday is always a Feast Day in the Church calendar - score!



Aren’t all the saints significant? There are also some days that are dedicated to an event like Christmas or Easter.


St. Ambrose Edward Barlow
St. Boniface I
St. Chrysanthus
Sts. Crispin & Crispinian
St. Cyrinus
St. Daria
St. Dulcardus
St. Fronto and George
St. Fructus
St. Goeznoveus
St. Hilary
St. Hildemarca
St. John Houghton
St. John Roberts
St. Lupus of Bayeux
St. Marnock
St. Minias of Florence
St. Tabitha

All I know is that a lot of them are martyrs. Maybe God is trying to tell me something.


I think the OP is asking if your birthday’s Saint has any significance for you. If you’ve never looked it up, find out what Saints are celebrated on your birthday. You might just discover a new friend in heaven.


I know one of them is St. Juliana Falconieri. There were a few other male saints but I just have always felt closer to female saints.
I believe she founded an order.


The main one that stands out to me is St. Francis Xavier Mau, since he shares a name with my confirmation saint, St. Francis Xavier. I didn’t know that until just now.


Mine is St Charbel Malkouf (whose birth name was Youssif, which is the Arabic version of my name Joseph). Other than names, I don’t really have anything in common with him.


I was born on the Feast of St Stephen and am in formation as a Deacon. Hoping that is the significant part and not that I’m going to die by stoning. :wink:


Mine is St. John of Egypt. He was one of the Desert Fathers, but not one of those who left behind a lot of wise sayings. St. John Cassian mentions him in either the Conferences or the Institutes, as the monk who watered a dry stick for a year in obedience to his abbot. He was a carpenter before he became a monastic, and then a hermit. I’ve never given him a whole lot of thought until now.


There is also the feast day of your spiritual birthday, that of your baptism, called the name day.


My birthday is today, the feast day of Saint Anne.


What a lovely Saint to share your birthday with! :smiley: :heart:


In a lot of cultures, the feast day of the saint of your namesake is like a mini birthday. I don’t know about saints who’s feast falls on your birthday, though.


I’ve never heard of the date of our baptism being referred to as one’s name day.

We use the term “name day” to refer to the feast day of the Saint with whom we share a name. For me, that would be St Therese of Lisieux (my middle name is Therese). So my name day would be October 1.


I think that in some cultures it has been common for parents to name their child after the saint on whose feast day the child was born.


My mom was name Dolores because she was born on Sept 15, the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. They named her in honor of our Blessed Mother, which is so beautiful, but I really don’t think they liked the name Dolores. My mom has been called “Sally” her whole life. :joy:


Yes. The name day as day of baptism is Slavic, particularly Russian.


I just looked up the saints for my birthday, and the first one that I clicked on is the patron of the (relatively unknown) country from which comes the largest part of my family! (I have relatives from many places, which is why I say “largest.”)


Happy birthday!

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