Saint Paul Aurelian

St Paul Aurelian

Celebrated on March 12th


Bishop. Patron of Paul in Cornwall. He is also known as Saint Pol de Leon. According to his Life written by Wrmonoc, a 10th century monk from Landevennec, he was the son of a Welsh chieftain who was educated at the monastery of St Iltyd. He became a monk, and together with 12 companions migrated to Brittany where they built a number of churches and monasteries.

He became bishop at Pol, which was named after him. St Paul Aurelian is said to have died at the age of 104 at his monastery on the island of Batz. There are several dedications to St Paul Aurelian in Wales and Brittany. An inscribed stone from the 6th century survives in Cynwyl Caeo.

The ancient church of Paul, near Penzance in Cornwall is dedicated to Pol de Leon.
(from ICN)


Sen Pol pys ragon. (St Paul pray for us.)

In my diocese (CofE) we sometimes sing a hymn which mentions him.

Hymn of the Cornish Saints

God, who for the world’s new framing
set his Son as corner-stone,
Builds a temple, shining, gleaming,
with the men he calls his own!
Piran, Petrock, Paul Aurelian,
Euny, Samson, Winwalloe.

All these Cornish shores are holy,
Here the Saints in prayer did dwell,
Raising font and altar lowly,
Preaching far with staff and bell.

Now the Church in fervour founded
Honours here those Saints of old,
Mighty they, their pow’r abounded-
God himself had made them bold!

Lord of Cornish Saints! Their story
cheers our faith and warms our heart,
Bids us tread the way of Glory,
to this age they truth impart

As their bread thine own self giving,
Be, O Christ, our food divine.
Through thy word and presence living
’ Neath the sacramental sign!

Thou dost ask our best endeavour,
humble trust and fearless mind,
Tireless as the Saints, forever
bringing hope to all mankind.

So may we, with Saints rejoicing,
won by grace from every land
Praises of our God still voicing,
round our Lord in brightness stand.

Words: The Rev Canon H MILES Brown
Tune: Westminster Abbey
by Henry Purcell (1658-1695)


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