Saint Philomena


Anyone have a private devotion to this saint? Anyone have prayers answered?


I prayed to her when I was concerned I might have a miscarriage with my son. And everything turned out alright.
I also prayed to her to her when I found out my son (same child) was diagnosed with Autism. My son now is recovered and I believe she interceded to God on my behalf.
She is a great saint!


I see you are from London. Europe had many high ranking Catholics that had devotion to her. Tan has republished the book-St. Philomena, The Wonder Worker by Fr. O’Sullivan.


Yes, St. Philomena is a part of my “Prayer Committee”. She had a part in bringing my sister back to the faith (after a 30 year absence). She is awesome!

St. Philomena… pray for us. :gopray:


She has a beautiful web site with her unusual story.


Saint Philomena is my best friend. I am 12 days from giving birth and I asked her to be our son’s Heavenly godmother because I couldn’t do this–or anything–without her intercession.

I thought I would never get to be a mommy again and St. Philomena been with me through everything.

She is full of love and I encourage all to pray to her because she always helps us with her prayers.


St Philomena got me through nursing school. I worked full-time, went to school full-time. I averaged, maybe, if I was lucky, 3 hours of sleep on weekday night, 21 hours days, 5 days a week, 9 months a year. I was soooo tired.

I asked for the Wonder Worker’s help. I graduated, still tired, but I graduated.

Thank you so very much, Daughter of Light. :crossrc:


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