Saint pictured in "Scarface" - Help identify

I’m trying to figure out what saint (or alternatively who) is pictured in this scene from the movie “Scarface”. Any help is appreciated.

God bless.

St. Barbara

Yes it is St. Barbara…She is the Patron saint of Barbara, Italy

Prayers to St. Barbara

Dec 04 - Homily: St. Barbara

St. Barbara, Pray for us. Amen.

Umm…that’s actually Mikaele CORLEONE who isn’t a saint yet but multitude upon multitude of MEN the world over have been petitioning the Vatican to canonize him!

The ‘miracle’ is that he is said to have provided several generations of males with ‘hope’ of how to keep the importance of Family First priority and ‘keeping friends close’ and still be able to climb the corporate ladder successfully! He is rumoured to have also instilled in some males a sense of manhood that prevented them from surrendering to their feminine side and having their appearances cosmetically altered, whether worn or surgically implemented.

The snag is that he had his brother, Freddy, killed in the middle of a ‘Hail Mary’ …which is a big ‘no, no’ in Catholicism!

He is seen above as ‘Tony’ the Cuban but his best role is as Alfonso PACINO where he pretends he is an actor living among ‘common’ folk!

The picture on the wall came with the frame when his mother bought it at the local church gala but it depicts the effeminate King Charles Louis XIII of Ol’ England who was pushed out a window by his angry French gardener.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks folks!

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