Saint Synnove


I have been looking everywhere for more information about her, a Saint Medal, etc. Her name is also spelled Sunniva depending on the source. (Irish vs. Norwegian - she lived in both countries.) Does anyone have more info on her or know of a place where I can buy a Saint Medal or similar items? Back when I was confirmed. I picked her as my confirmation Saint because what little that is known about her is fascinating. Also I love the idea of picking a lesser-known Saint that isn’t as remembered as the more popular ones.


We previously had a member named Sunniva, originally from Norway, who might have come across some answers to your question. I had no idea what her name meant until now. I doubt she’d get a PM since she apparently hasn’t been on this site in 3 years, but you might try emailing her through her member page.


Here is a Catholic elementary school in Oslo, Norway, called St. Sunniva. Since all Norwegian schools teach English and most Norwegians understand it, try emailing them. I’m sure that someone there would be glad to help you.


Thanks y’all!


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