Saint Therese Autobiography

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I read Saint Therese’s autobiography a little bit ago, and it was about 100 pages. I was reading something else that referenced something in the biography at page 187. I feel like that’s too much of a difference to be just typeset. Why was my version so much shorter? Did I not read the full thing? If so, can anyone point me to the full autobiography with all three full manuscripts?


Here it is:

Story of a Soul - Autobiography of St Therese of Lisieux (332 pages)

Complete Writings of St Therese of Lisieux


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I’m now super confused as to what I read…My version was a third of what the actual autobiography was…This is the link from which I read.

Is this just manuscript A? Or is this the heavily modified version that was originally released? I am really confused…

Stick to the original book.
This link appears to be a paper written by someone else with excerpts from the original.

I see two possible reasons for this. Perhaps it is simply a matter of print differences, using perhaps different size type or using more space in and between sections in the longer edition. Though perhaps you are right in dismissing this idea.
Another possibility is that there are two quite different versions of her autobiography. When it first came out, a superior in her house altered it, cutting portions out and otherwise changing her manuscript. Then years later a edition fully containing containing what she actually had written came out. Personally, I ordered a copy of her own original edition when I heard about this because I wanted what she more fully wrote

**Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of St. Thérèse of Lisieux. **
**Translated from the critcal edition by John Clarke, OCD **

Father John Clarke’s acclaimed translation, first published in 1975 and now accepted as the standard throughout the English-speaking world, is a faithful and unaffected rendering of Thérèse’s own words, from the original manuscripts.

This new edition, prepared for the centenary of the Saint’s death, includes a select bibliography of recent works in English on Thérèse, along with a new referencing system now widely used in studies of her doctrine. Includes general and biblical index, with 8 pages of photos.
You can order it here or here . Enjoy!

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