Saint Therese of Child Jesus Novena


Wow, this novena is so beautiful! It touches my heart so deeply and makes it smile and open up with Hope. I found it yesterday on the net, would like to share with you all, I really wonder who wrote it? This prayer has everything!
It’s very inspiring and feel good!

A Novena to Saint Therese
(say all 7 prayers for 9 consecutive days).

O great Saint Therese, through your devotion and prayer life, you lived an example of your love for God. Help me to grow closer to God, living in honesty with myself and with others. Teach me to grow in faith, believing that He will always hear my prayers. I pray that I may be strengthened by God’s love and renewed in my spiritual commitment. Amen.

O Saint Therese, help me to release my fears to you. Open my heart to God’s love and send a “shower of roses” to intercede for me in times of need. Bring my prayer requests before the Lord: (mention your needs here). With your loving care, reach out to all of God’s people who seek His unconditional forgiveness. Please fill us with patience and peace of mind, and guide us with your gentle hand. Amen.

Beloved Saint Therese, you showed us how to live in God’s example through your “little way.” Lead us to the light of God and the beauty of His Kingdom. Teach us how to see the good in everyone we meet and the beauty in ourselves. O Saint Therese, help me to remember that Our Lord waits for me at the end of this life. Keep me hopeful and longing for the day when I can meet you and all my departed loved ones in heaven. Amen.

O Saint Therese, you suffered silently the unbearable pain of your illness–please be with me and my loved ones during our times of suffering. Help me to understand God’s Will. Through my suffering, help me to better understand the trials others face. O Saint Therese, strengthen me emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Bring comfort to all who whisper your name in prayer and heal them with your loving way. Amen.

I pray to you, Saint Therese, to show me the way to the Lord. Lead me to live for His glory and honor. You gave your life and death to the Lord as a sacrifice for others’ salvation. Pray that I may become like you, and that He may welcome my acts of kindness toward others as a humble offering. Amen.

I pray to you, Saint Therese, to help me face each day with God in my heart and by my side. Show me how to see God in everything around me and to grow closer to Him in my triumph and failure, joy, and sorrow. Remind me that He is everywhere, and that He will be there to brighten even my darkest days. Let your devotion be a steady inspiration for me, and give me the strength and courage I need to follow the path to God. Amen.

Loving Saint Therese, pray for me that I may not stray from the Lord. Help me to face temptation with strength and resolve. Make your deep love for God an inspiration for me. Help me to grow closer to God and abandon myself to His Love, so that I may one day rejoice with you in heaven! Amen.


Hello friend
Thx for posting the devotion. I found her story of a soul and her little way to be an absolute delight to read. She is a great saint and a patroness of Australia too. I was very blessed to have been able to pray by her relics when they came here a few yrs go too.
God bless you:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Wow. That’s really a beautiful Novena. Thank you so much, for sharing it.


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