Saint Thomas


The feast of Saint Thomas one of the patron saints of India, Saint Francis xavier is the other, was on the 3dh. Pray for the Catholics of India where a vibrant Catholicism has flourished in very difficult situations. There are pilgrimage sites related to the apostle’s life and death — they were popular destinations even in the time of the Fathers — and several epic poems about Thomas have been passed down by Christians for generations. (There are even popular Hindu poems about him!) Curiously, these ancient songs preserve certain telltale archaic forms of expression that we find in the Acts of the Apostles — referring to Christianity as “The Way,” for example.
Marco Polo heard the oral traditions when he visited India. So did the Portuguese traders who colonized the lands in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. They made voluminous records of all they found.Some critical scholars (of course) dismiss the accounts of Thomas in India. But India’s historians have subjected the evidence to rigorous scrutiny in recent years, and even many Hindus have come to affirm its possibility and even probability.please pray for saint Thomas’s intercession for the Christians of India, some of whom have endured subtle (and not so subtle) persecution in recent years. The blood of the apostle is the seed of our Church.


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