Saint who lived on the Eucharist

Our associate pastor who’s from another country spoke of a mystic who sounded like she had an Italian name. I can’t understand him too well, but according to him, at a young age an assailant came to the house and fearing for her chastity jumped from a window and was consequently paralyzed. He said from then on she was bedridden and couldn’t move, but that she had ecstasies and suffered every Friday Jesus Passion. In one of her visions, He told her that from then on she was not to eat or drink but only live on the Eucharist. This He said was to prove that His Body was real food. Apparently this went on for years. She was tested at a hospital with skeptical doctors. They kept a nurse there at all times. When they saw she really didn’t eat anything or drink, they were convinced the nurse fell asleep. According to him, she died in 1942? I wanted to ask him after Mass but he was busy and I forgot. He’s also being transferred to a different parish this week. Would anyone know who this was?

Alexandrina da Costa?


Yup. Bl. Alexandrina da Costa was the one who jumped out the window.

Servant of God Therese Neumann also lived exclusively off the Eucharist from 1927-1962.

St. Catherine of Siena (7 years) and St. Joseph of Cupertino (5 years?) were two other famous examples.

Here’s a nice compilation of a number of people.

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