Saint who talked to Satan?

Wasn’t there a one time supposed to be a saint that had conversation with Satan? Who was it I’d like to know more.

Isn’t there an apocryphal story or a legend about St Christopher along these lines?

I don’t know that I’d consider it something that we would give any credence, from a historical or literal perspective, but it’s an interesting story nevertheless…

Do they know that there was a St. Christopher? Or was that old St. Nick. St Nick is a fabrication isn’t it?

I found a list :thumbsup:

I only know of Jesus having a conversation with a talking snake while strolling through the desert one sunny day…One can only assume that there must have been a reporter from the Daily Planet accompanying them at the time taking notes of the ensuing conversation with his trusty notepad and pencil.

St. Nicholas is real, though he was not the Santa figure we think of today. I think St. Christopher is probably real too though this is more debatable, and some people think it’s possible that he is in fact really St. Menas.

I think St. Pio was physically assaulted by a demon, but I’m not sure he ever spoke to the devil himself. There’s a story that Pope Leo XIII overheard a conversation between God and Satan in a sort of mystical experience, and according to this story this is the origin of the St. Michael prayer- however, the historicity of this story is debatable.

Didn’t St. Cyprian talk to him?

Sorry this is not exactly the answer that you want, but C.S. Lewis wrote a very good book called the “Screwtape letters”, which is a dialog between a senior devil with a lower grade devil. And even Lewis is not a Saint, he is really good.
I saw a pdf file here that you can download if interested:

He also wrote another book called “Mere Christianity” excellent.:thumbsup:

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What I read was the words affiliated with Viannny.

Now that is one conversation I would LOVE to overhear!!

But it does raise the question of why God would even be speaking to Satan at all. I believe once a choice is made, God sends that being out of his presence for good. Id like to learn more about this though and find out if it was true or not.

Jesus spoke to Satan.

I’ve heard of St. Teresa of Avila talking to the devil at least once. She was constantly pestered by demons - one night, she awoke to find a huge, scary monster-like demon over her bed. She took one look, said, “Oh, it’s just you” and rolled over and went back to sleep. We’re then admonished to treat the devil likewise.

In nightmares I have received names of some of my demons. One she gave me a pretty bad dream and I got up and said “Oh not again” :slight_smile:

Well there’s good reason to suggest that Satan and God have conversed since Luicifer fell (and since the Fall of man). See Job 2, the accounts of Christ’s temptations in wilderness where the devil is described as speaking to God the Son, and finally consider what Jesus says to Peter: “'Simon, Simon, behold, Satan demanded to have you, that he might sift you like wheat, but I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail; and when you have turned again, strengthen your brethren. '” (Luke 22:31-32 RSV-CE) Satan demanded? Of Who? How? We don’t really know, but I might assume Satan made this demand of God, and perhaps God knows this only out of His all knowing power and wisdom, but perhaps Satan asked Him directly, be it the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit he asked? This is speculation, but Christ’s temptations are not and while some don’t see Job as depicting real historical people/events, it still depicts God and the Enemy speaking.

Additionally we read that St. Michael the archangel spoke to Satan in a reference in the book of Jude, perhaps to some tradition or book that is lost or non-canonical (cf. Jude 1:9).

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