Saint Won Superbowl

This is not a Rickroll.
I watched the post game interviews and all the players I saw gave the glory to God.



My Grandfather went to his grave praying for this win. we took two decades to get our first winning season, and 43 years to even make it to the superbowl. God Bless the Saints, New Orleans, Louisiana, and all of this great nation!

WHO DAT!!! baby!!! of course the significance post Katrina can’t be missed and thank God for the many hearts world wide touched by that. But also, as a 40+ yr. old who remembers all of those Sundays when daddy was mad and happiness wouldn’t return to the house for days—FINALLY!!!

A moment that touched me in the game that was practically overlooked and deserves mention. When the Colts kicker missed the field goal, he raised his hands. I thought he thought he made it. But one of the commentators explained he was a very spiritual man. And whether He makes it or misses it , He always raises his hands to heaven.

With the many lessons of the Saints- that one from an Indy Colt is also important.He wears the Colts uniform, but what a saint.


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