I am wondering how does one become a saint? I don’t mean the process in which the Catholic Church canonizes people, but more of what kind of life one should live. I ask this because more than anything I want to become one.

Loving Christ. Living the Gospel. Frequenting Mass + Reconciliation. Praying.

I’d read THE FULFILLMENT OF ALL DESIRE by Ralph Martin. It will answer your question more cohesively and brilliantly than anything else you will ever read.

Martin writes that this desire is an early step on a subtle and beautiful journey to full union with God.

God bless!

Greetings Djforce888,

By pursuing Union with God and forsaking all else. The more you can conform your will to God the more perfect you will become, and this is done by cooperating with God’s grace.

Whatever draws you closer to God, do these things. What draws you further from him forsake them.

God Bless.
Anathama Sit

Read this book, it’s free. Step by step account of how to become a Saint. I think the Little Flower wrote about the same thing, this was also her ambition. I guess read all kinds of lives of the saints.

Or, you could go to a Muslim country, preach Christianity and die a martyr. That works, also.

Hi djforce888!
Your post reminded me of something I once read about Saint Teresa of Avilla.
As a little girl in her parent’s home, Teresa, then about seven years old, and her brother Rodrigo, set out to come to Africa where they would be summarily beheaded by the Moors. They so much wanted to become martyrs! :slight_smile:
Disappointingly for them, at the city gates, they met with their uncle who took them back home.
Seriously though Djforce888, The “little ways” of Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus is not a bad place to start. She strove to do every little duty entrusted to her in the best way she could,** out of love for God**. She is a Saint now.
God Bless!

Yeah, that should do it, and in no time at all! :slight_smile:

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