Saints and marriage!

Is anyone willing to share stories about how saints have interceded for them while discerning marriage? Maybe a rose from st. Therese?

Sorry, I’ve never received a rose from St. Therese and I don’t really have stories about saints interceding while discerning marriage. Based on your past thread, I think this video from Father Mike may be helpful to you. He does talks about our desires vs God’s plan, and he does talk specifically about someone discerning marriage in the video. He has other videos just about discernment if you are interested in looking those up too.

We discern our vocation, form our conscience and then it is up to each of us to select our spouse. There are many good, Catholic single people with whom you can make a strong marriage.

There was a young lady who asked the same question a little while ago and she said she got roses from St Therese regarding her boyfriend, who told her he was discerning the priesthood.

Have you received roses regarding your boyfriend?

@PennyinCanada, it’s the same person.

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