Saints and parish priests

I was having a discussion with some friends about parish priests and sainthood and a remark was made about that there is very few of them. So I have made up my mind to see if there’s a list of parish priests who have made sainthood. Google wasn’t much of a help so my hope is that CA can help.


A good one to start with is St. John Vianney, a French priest who was a renowned confessor. In fact, he is now the patron saint of parish priests.

Many saints were parish priests at one time but became famous for another reason, e.g. martyrdom. There are doubtless many holy priests in Heaven. It is a shame that we view something as important as parish pastor as a routine position.

Well, Jean-Marie Vianney, Don Bosco and Philippo Neri is the one that comes to mind. But there has to be more.

The problem I think is that many dioceses don’t want to pay all the money that it cost to force a canonization process. Many rich orders doesn’t have that problem and have made it to some sort of prestige to have many saints.

A bit much speculation? The Carmelites are poor, yet have numerous saints.

Do you have inside information about the financial situation for the carmelite order? I thought it was commonly known that the best way to get canonized is to start a new order for females. I wonder why?

And how do you otherwise explain the lack of parish priests that are officially canonized if you take away all the martyrs? I’m not starry-eyed.

Many parishes were run by religious priests. Furthermore, perhaps many parish priests were not deemed to be fit for canonization.

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