Saints and priests

Is it that all those called to religious life are themselves saints or ‘semi-saints’? I just can’t understand why some priests can be so pious, so cooperative with God’s grace, and so different from laymen, who are like shining stars reflecting the joy, virtues and holiness of Heaven? I feel so weak and useless compared to all these living saints!!! :frowning:

That’s the mystery of the Roman Catholic priesthood!!!

Read up on the mystical theology of the priesthood, and you’ll understand the tremendous blessing we’ve been given.

We are all called to be saints. Being a saint is doing God’s will – being a friend of God and completely trusting of His will. Interior and exterior silence in regards to what He wants. Being like a child in a pram and going wherever the driver wishes to go, and not complaining about it.

Be a saint!


But how? I truly wanna be one - though it is a tough way and not many can be a saint.

Little by little.

With a few exceptions, the saints didn’t start out holy, either. They were very much like us. St. Francis de Sales was known to have a temper: but over many years, by forcing himself to practice the virtue of meekness over and over, he became the meekest of men. With God’s grace we can do this too!

And just because we can’t seem to conquer a particular fault, doesn’t necessarily mean we aren’t growing at all. God may allow us to have a particular defect for a long time, so that we grow in humility, for example.

It is true that some are called to higher sanctity than others (we can’t all be the Blessed Virgin!), but we can all be saints. Please God!

Live a life pleasing to the Lord.
You may not be a canonized saint, with holy cards with your mug on them, but everyone who dies and goes to heaven is part of the communion of saints.
Our former pastor would work the Saint of the day into the end of every homily. His last line was always : “So and so is a Saint. How about YOU?”

We’re all called to holiness.
God bless.

:thumbsup: Words to live by.

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