Saints and Social Mobility

We often hear of saints who were born into wealth and abandoned it for the greater good of salvation, or detached themselves from it.

This got me thinking, are there any saints in our Church’s history who were born poor and became more wealthy or moved up the social ladder before doing the same?

As we know, the love of money is the root of all evil but even godly people must seek financial security and even progression while living in the secular world. Are there any patron saints for people in that situation - ones who were born into poverty but worked to attain a higher social standing but still led saintly lives of virtue and holiness?

For most of us living in a capitalistic society, we will probably desire career advancement at some stage in our lives.

So long as the focus is on God…I don’t think the bank accounts factor in.
Scripture tells us that is far easier for a poor man to enter heaven…but I know of humble and generous wealthy persons in our own community, some you would never know they were well to do, they don’t put on airs. I imagine they are living lives pleasing to God. They certainly do plenty of good works and are faithful , practicing Catholics.

We can be poor in spirit, poor in health, many ways to be poor as well as many ways to be rich, Rich in blessings, rich in compassion…etc.


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Our Lord words about being ‘poor in spirit’ must be interpreted correctly. Poverty is not in and of itself the blessing nor a primary goal even. It is a means to an end which is detachment from created goods and an prideful reliance on oneself and an entire attachment and dependence on God alone.

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