Saint's feast day on Maundy Thrusday? Penance on Maundy Thursday?

Hey y’all, I have two questions. If you can answer just one with citations that is fine :thumbsup:

1.) Is a saint’s feast day canceled if it falls on a Holy Day; in this case particularly Maundy Thursday (my patron’s day falls on that day this year)?
–and yes, Maundy Thursday represents something slightly more important than my patron’s feast day, but if its not canceled, never hurts to celebrate both :smiley:

2.) Does Maundy Thursday count as a day of lent (namely a day that we should continue any penance we are partaking in)?

Memorials and feasts are cancelled if they fall during Holy Week, while Solemnities are transferred; St. Joseph’s gets transferred backwards, the Annunciation gets transferred forwards.
Here is the Church’s ranking of Holy Days. Holy Week is right at the top, and I don’t think there is any way to consider a personal patron as a solemnity. Somebody else might know, however, whether St. Anselm can be celebrated as a commemoration during Holy Week.

Maundy Thursday is part of the Easter Triduum, not Lent. However, it is also a penitential season, and so I would recommend upholding your penance until Easter (or Easter dinner, if you’re having that on Saturday).

Interestingly enough, it seems that this Thursday is actually split between two seasons, beginning in Lent, and the Triduum starting at Vespers (which is not prayed if you attend the Mass of the Lord’s Supper).

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