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Hello! I am very new to all of this as I am a new aspiring catholic and have been doing a lot of researching and looking at different things on the net. My question is: We are supposed to worship and idol only on God, correct? Then what is the purpose of worshiping other saints and other holy figures? Is is wrong to do this? Is it ok to wear their medallions around your neck? Is is ok to worship some, but not others?

Would someone please explain this to me! Any help or guidance would greatly be appreciated!!!


Roll up your sleeves and get ready to learn more about the Catholic faith!

very good question by the way.

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Note, the big thing you will find in the very short and easy to read tracts in the above post is that you are correct. We are only supposed to worship God. What you will also learn is that Catholics do not worship saints or Holy Figures.

So yes, it is wrong to worship saints and holy figures. Only God should be worshipped. As for wearing jewelry, if you are worshipping it, of course one should not, but if you can wear something like a cross, declaring your Christianity without worshipping it, it is safe to say you would be able to wear a medallion without worshipping it also.

It is never okay to worship anyone but God.

And this is the teaching of the Catholic Church:)

Happy reading.



No - We are NOT supposed to worship ANYBODY but God.
This is one of those areas that is so misunderstood be people outside (and some inside) of the Church. Asking a particular saint to help you by praying for you is NOT worship.
When somebody wears a medal of a particular saint who they have a devotion to, it is an outward display that they are trying to emulate that saint - that is to say, that they are imitators of the imitators of Christ.
Case in point, my mother is an extremely devout Catholic woman who, by example, lives her faith through love and charity. Many people from my parish will tell me that they wish they were more like her. They have asked her to pray for them on occasion. Are they worshipping her? If they try to be more like her, are they worshipping her? The answer to both is, “No”.
We Worship God alone - we petition the Saints for help.

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