Saints Movies

I see a lot of movies about saints such as St Terese, St Theresa of Avila, St Edith Stein, etc on Youtube.

Where is the best place to either purchase these movies or watch them for free outside of clips on Youtube?


Try or Amazon also Ignatius


Anyone know where I can find these movies?

St Edith Stein

St Terese de Lisieux- This one has English subtitles, but I think the original is in English, so I’d prefer the English one.


i don’t know where you can find those movies but i want to thank you for the link to St Therese’s movie, she is my patron saint :thumbsup:. I watched it and of course cried lol! I love her so much and she is a great friend. I’m glad you are learning about her.

My parish watched this movie this weekend,it’s the story of Don Bosco who is our patron. It’s a nice movie and you can find it on amazon. We watch it every year so I didn’t attend this year but i highly recommend it.

You could also try InterLibrary Loan at your local public library.

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