Saints on Forgiveness

Any saints write on this virtue? :slight_smile:

Write? I dont know. By actions? Many.

Who are you thinking of?

I don’t know, but I believe St. Maria Goretti is the patron saint of forgiveness.

Saint Maria Goretti forgave the young man who stabbed her fourteen times because she would not consent to his advances.

Her attacker/murderer was in prison for many years, and one night he dreamt about Maria giving him 14 lilys of forgiveness. The vivid dream was a source of grace to him, and he changed drastically and became a lay brother in a religious order. Maria’s mother came to see him and forgave him also.

Saint Peter’s Square was filled with the faithful at the canonization Mass of St. Maria Goretti.

I am sure there are many stories of saints showing heroic virtue with regard to forgiveness.

We are all called to be forgiving, and with the grace of God we can do it!

“Where is the foolish person who would think it in his power to commit a sin more than God could forgive.” – St. Francis de Sales

However, St. Maria Goretti died, and everyone condemned the man’s actions. Forgiving in Heaven is different from forgiving on Earth.

Are there any saints who had to forgive an unreversible physical injury suffered partially as a result of the negligence of a religious leader while they still had many years to live? Or anything similar? Perhaps being wrongly imprisoned? Having a child die? Especially if it was the Church, and not secular society, that was the problem?

St. John of the Cross was imprisoned by his carmalite brothers and tortured horribly for years.

‘They who have been exercised in the service of God for a long time, may in their prayers imagine all sorts of insults offered to them, such as blows, wounds, and the like, and so in order to imitate Christ by their charity, may accustom their hearts beforehand to forgive real injuries when they come.’

St. Philip Neri

Try reading the Diary of St. Faustina (Divine Mercy in My Soul). The entire book is about God’s unfathomable mercy which forgives even the worst of sins. Her writing was mandated by Jesus in the visions she had. Although the Diary is long, the writing is simple and easy to read. I believe that you will find the answers to many questions you may have about forgiveness and the Lord’s love for us.

Thanks for the reminder!

I think the best would be Jesus and his relations with Peter or Judas. I know that Mystical City of God covers the relationship between Jesus and Judas; if there are any other works, please let me know. :slight_smile:

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