Saints' place names

When a place is named for a saint (i.e., St. Louis, St. Catherines, San Saba, etc.), is that saint particularly good to ask for intercession regarding that area? (Even if the place was merely named such due to it being founded on that saint’s feast day, for instance.)

You can ask for any saint’s intercession anywhere anytime and it’s equally “good”.

It’s not like asking for St. John Regis’ intercession is more efficacious in a St. Regis hotel.

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Yes it is good because that city has been dedicated to that saint and the saint is thus the patron of that town.

This is more along my line of thought as well–as far as having patronage. (As obviously I could invoke any saint anywhere.)

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Ya made me chuckle out loud with that one. Assuming it was intentional :wink:

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