Saints Seraphim of Sarov and Innocent of Alaska

Does anyone know of any Churches in the US or Canada that have relics of either Saint Seraphim of Sarov or Saint Innocent of Alaska for veneration by the faithful? I’m not looking for 1st class relics (like bones or hair) since I believe I know of at least one Church near me with those relics, but rather I am looking for 2nd class relics (like robes and other vestments). Thanks for any help in this request!

You can start with Orthodox Churches that bear their name. Try the OCA website and do a parish search. See if that information is on their website. If not, contact the priest and ask.

St Seraphims cathedral OCA, in Dallas TX.

Yeah, I’ve been doing that. So far I’ve been coming up empty (as far as individual parish websites mentioning such). That’s why I came here. :smiley: I definitely appreciate the suggestion and will continue the search!

Wow - that’s awesome! I’ll have to look into that Church then. Thanks so much for the quick response! I’ll still keep looking, though, in hopes that there may be something nearer to me…but at least that’s a start!

We don’t classify 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class relics. In my experience when Orthodox refer to relics they almost always are referring to what Romans would call “1st class relics.” Some things of special spiritual importance in the life of the saint or Christ might be called a relic, but it’s more rare. That might be part of your difficulty.

I have gone to vespers there, and it is a beautiful place. I feel sure they would have at least one relic of St Seraphim.

BTW my baptismal name is Seraphim. I have a devotion to St Seraphim and own icons depicting him and a copy of the Icon of the Theotokos he prayed before.

Rawb, thanks for the info. I did know that but it’s good to point it out…that’s actually why I phrased the question the way I did (using both 2nd-class relic and robe or vestment) so that anyone (Catholic or Orthodox) who read the question would know what I was looking for.

Ok gotcha. I thought based on your suggestion that you knew for sure they had some of his robes or vestments. I’ll keep looking before I contact them since we aren’t sure if they have them. I’m trying to avoid contacting a bunch of Churches unless I have to do so. I, too, have an icon of him (although only one). That’s a neat idea getting a copy of the Icon of the Theotokos he prayed in front of…I’m not sure that would have ever crossed my mind before. :thumbsup:

Pilgrim To Holy Places

You can pray at remains Serafim Sarovskiy in Diveevo near Nizhniy Novgorod and Svyatityel Innokentiy at Sergeev Troitska lavra near Moscow! There are travel pilgrim help sites try Diveevo and Lavra now open to you to pilgrim travel! Both are very inspired places for prayers!

St. Innocent celebrated local to where I live, nowhere near where you are :), but you could check with Holy Trinity (OCA) in San Francisco where he celebrated. Also, possible that Holy Virgin here in SF may have something. Additionally as I learned on his recent Feastday, he visited with friars at several of our Missions-- San Rafael, San Jose, Santa Clara, and Mission San Francisco de Asis/Deloras. They could have some relics as well.

Good thinking! Thanks for the suggestions! :thumbsup:

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