Saints, Shrines & Gratitude


I am a new Anglo-Catholic (although I am seriously investigating the Roman Catholic Church at this point). I grew up in a Protestant home, so I am sadly lacking in knowledge about the Saints.

My 10-month beagle was recently very sick (she got into snail bait) and I found myself petitioning God, the blessed Virgin Mary, St. Faustina (my patron saint), St. Patrick (my bf’s patron saint) and St. Francis of Assisi for her life. Praise God, He was merciful and spared her life and she is enjoying a complete recovery. I would like to do something to demonstrate my gratitude to God and to the saints and blessed mother who joined their prayers with mine.

I’ve considered looking for a shrine to visit, but have no idea how to go about finding one or if I even could find one in California (or a reasonable traveling distance for my financial means). What other alternatives do I have? I do have a small statues of St. Faustina and St. Patrick…would it be appropriate to light a candle in front of them outside of a Church?

Thank you all for your insight!

The peace of God be with you,



Some of your options are to make a donation to some shrine in thanksgiving…If there’s a shrine of St. Francis of Assisi, for instance - or to the Franciscans. (???)

But here’s a thought - while we are all quick to say a prayer or make a novena in petitioning for some need, I think many of us don’t think of saying a prayer / novena “in thanksgiving”. Perhaps, you might find some prayer in honor of the saint of your choice, or some prayer of thanksgiving to God and Our Lady…you might check online. I’m thinking God must hear fewer “thank you’s” than “please, can I have’s” :slight_smile: Can’t help but think you’d be pleasing God to say a prayer of gratitude (as if He doesn’t already known your heart).
Glad to hear all’s well.


That’s a good idea…and echoed by a couple of my Catholic friends that I have posed the question to. Funny how we like to make things more complicated than they need to be!

I found the only American order of St. Faustina and ordered 25 Divine Mercy prayer cards. I am going to pass them around / hide them in books in the library / etc in her honor. I think she would like that.


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