I feel like the worst mother in the world . My son has to do a project on his patront saint and I cant remember who it is … I know the first 3 he choose our bishop said No .

He thinks it has something to do with a dragon or a serpert but its not St George as that is a footy team in Australia and he hates football.

Any ideas ???

hey, just thinking of some ideas… well, my namesake, Saint Michael the Archangel often appears with the devil or a serpent/dragon at his feet. Saint Patrick from what I have heard pushed snakes away from regions in Ireland and therefore is known for that. Are you for sure it’s not Saint George and the serpent/dragon? I honestly don’t know what else! Saint Michael and Saint George are known for major encounters with dragons/serpents, and then there is Saint Patrick driving snakes out of Ireland, so I’m not sure! I hope this was helpful! And don’t feel bad, if God wills it you will remember the saint, if not, then it’s a lesson in life to remember! :slight_smile: God bless you! And Happy Easter!

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