Why do Catholics " pray to the Saints" also the phrase, praying to the saints, makes me feel like I am cheating on God. My uncle, a very intelligent man, asked me about it and I was stumped. I do not “pray to the Saints” unless I ask St. Anthony of Padua to help me find something I lose something or I will ask St. Anthony to ask God for me. Could you please help me?
Happy Easter.

praying to saints is like asking someone standing next to you to pray for them. Look at CAF, one of the busiest subsection is the prayer requests. Are those people cheating God by coming on the internet and asking for prayers? No! Saints are in heaven and are more alive than even us. Reread Revelations where in one of the visions of St. John, he sees innumerable sainst standing before God with bowls of incense which are prayers of those on earth. Tell your Uncle to stop harassing you and reread Revelations.

Tobit 12:12 - 15, 12 Tobit, when you and Sarah prayed to the Lord, I was the one who brought your prayers into his glorious presence. I did the same thing each time you buried the dead. 13 On the day you got up from the table without eating your meal in order to bury that corpse, God sent me to test you. 14 But he also sent me to cure you and to rescue your daughter-in-law, Sarah, from her troubles. 15 I am Raphael, one of the seven angels who stand in the glorious presence of the Lord, ready to serve him.

Watch this video. The Litany of the Saints the great prayer of the church to the saints.

What do we ask??

That they pray for us. They are part of the body of Christ. Even more so than us…they are in heaven with Christ!

For intercession.

We don’t pray “to” the saints directly. Rather, we ask their intercession for us.

Why would we do this? Don’t you ever ask someone to pray for you? Didn’t Jesus say that if two of us agree about anything we ask for on earth, it will be done for us by His Father in heaven?

We can also use the saints as examples for how we are to live. For example, there was a soldier once who broke his leg very badly in battle. He had it set 3 times because he wanted to be able to march and dance again. While he was recuperating, he picked up a book beside his bed to read. It happened to be the “Lives of the Saints”. When he was fully healed, he wondered if maybe he could do what the saints had done. Eventually, he, St. Francis Xavier, and some other men founded an order of priests called the Society of Jesus - known today as the Jesuits. This man later became a saint himself - St. Ignatius Loyola, patron of retreats.

We “pray to the saints” in the same sense that one might “pray the court” for an action. “To pray” != “to worship”, it’s best understood as “to ask humbly and in great sincerity”. As noted above, we are asking the saints to pray for us just as we would ask anyone else. It isn’t worship, and any prayers delivered to the saints can only be so by the intercession of Jesus Christ in any event. God hears every prayer immediately – even those made to the saints in Heaven – and then those of the saints or friends or family who love us enough to further pray on our behalf. Contemplating the lives of the saints in relation to the objects of our prayers can also often yield great inspiration and solace in overcoming the difficulties we face.

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