So I am a newly converted Catholic and I was wondering…

Since we do invoke the intercession of Saints and of Our Lady may we also ask them for a blessing? We are taught to view them with regard as they are in Heaven and have lived a righteous life. Am I wrong to assume we can say “Saint Anthony, please bless me and my family. Amen.”

God Bless,

Gen. 3:19 :crossrc:

I think Genesis 48:16 is an example of an angel being asked to bless someone. If angels can bless people, I don’t see why human saints can’t.

You’re right, but let me explain before you pray to a saint thinking that he has power to bless.

We “pray to” saints because praying means asking. When you say to a saint, “I’m praying to you for…” you are actually saying, “I’m asking you to intercede to God for me,” or, “I’m asking you to agree with me in prayer before God,” the same way you’d ask a living person to pray with or for you.

We venerate saints. That’s called “dulia.”
We honor Mary, queen of All Saints, that’s called “hyperdulia.”
We adore, or worship only God. That is called “latria.”

Saints have no power to answer prayer on their own. All graces come from God.

Angels fit with saints in that they are venerated and have no power to act without God. Try have specific jobs and carry God’s power with them. Take Raphael from the Book of Tobit, for example. He “one of seven who stand before the Throne of God.” (Tobit 12:15)

(Of the three named angels in the Bible, Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel, they are referred to and venerated add saints, but these are not their names, but titles and indicative of their roles).

Michael’s name means “Who is as God?” and is a patron of warriors and defenders. Gabriel’s name means “God’s Strength,” and Raphael’s name means “God Heals.”

Yes, and I understand this. I pray to St. Anthony saying “Please pray for me in my…” and whatever it is I need intercession on. But if I were to say, “St. Anthony, please pray for me to Our Lord for my new job and bless me and my family,” or “Mother Mary, please bless me abd pray for me,” is it justified or am I in the wrong?

You’re justified as long as you understand that you’re not asking them to bless you, but you’re asking then to pray for God’s blessing on you.

How’s this: you can say to a saint “bless me,” but know he ain’t the one who has the power to bless. The saint knows what you mean, God knows what you mean. You’re good.

The confusion comes from explaining this to our separated brethren.

In terms of blessings, I think the best way to think about it is how a priest blesses the congregation at Mass or blessing objects or individual people. He himself has no power to bless anything, but through God’s graces is he able to bless anything ultimately from God.

Apply this similarly to saints, and in any form of prayer, understand that any intercession for a blessing is from God.

Thank you guys. This is what I thought it was and you helped confirm it. Thank you.

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