So I am a newly converted Catholic and I was wondering…

Since we do invoke the intercession of Saints and of Our Lady may we also ask them for a blessing? We are taught to view them with regard as they are in Heaven and have lived a righteous life. Am I wrong to assume we can say “Saint Anthony, please bless me and my family. Amen.”

God Bless,

Gen. 3:19 :crossrc:

In my humble opinion, we can ask Saint Anthony to bless us. This assumes that we are invoking his intercession for our needs. What I personally like about asking for a blessing is that it covers whatever “needs” God knows we should have. Asking for a blessing is like saying to God – You know best.

There are times when I simply want to talk to Mother Mary or to an individual Saint. Or maybe I will hint that I would like to have a special virtue or talent similar to theirs. In these ways, I am acknowledging their presence and also that I am grateful, not only for what they accomplished on earth, but also because they do intercede for us.

When necessary, we can remind ourselves that Mother Mary and the Saints intercede for us. And then we can thank them.

Welcome to the Catholic Faith. May St. Anthony bless you and your family.:smiley:

Thank you so much for your reply. I look to St. Anthony as my guardian as he was my confirmation name. During the litany of the saints I could feel his presence, like he was right behind me.

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