Why do saints sometimes seem to be weird? It’s one of their characteristics according to a picture I saw in Monastery of Saint Clare. :blush:

I don’t know what you mean by “weird”, but a lot of the depictions of the saints are done a certain way so the people know who is being depicted and remind the people a little about the saint’s story.

Perhaps it is “weird” to see a statue of St. Denis holding his own head, but it reminds informed Catholics as to how the saint died, and since it is a traditional depiction, lets Catholics know who the statue is, if they already know the story.

What if someone said "Why are you so wired? :frowning:

Read their life stories and find out how courageous they are instead

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Saints were like all of us. Some lived very unholy lives before transforming themselves. Others struggled but prevailed. Saints are a beautiful image to us on how we can come closer to Christ, because they are human, like us. We can ask for their prayers but cannot pray to them. They may be weird in the sense that some of them may have been odd to every day people? I’m not sure what you mean by weird.


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