Salesian values and St. John Bosco Philosophy


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My Wife and I are pursueing a volunteer opportunity with VIDES, and international catholic group. However, one of the questions on the application form asks about salesian values and St. John Bosco Philosophy. We are both in need of some elightment on what this philosophy is and what the values are, and how people live out these values. We are hoping one of you enlightened ladies, or gentlemen could help us out with this crucial question.




Hi Mattcos,

Don Bosco called his educational method the “preventive system”. It implies that the educator is ever present to guide the child rather than punish transgressions.


Does this answer your question?



Thank you for posting this. Our home school is named after this saint because of his work with boys, but it never occurred to me that he had his own educational philosophy. Your summary, Verbum, just pointed me in the direction I need to go in order to bring order to our home and school. I have printed off the explanation from the link so that I can read it in the morning.


I know that this is late,but how does one love a child or even another person through all of their wrong doing? How does one not turn there back on a troubled youth, that is causing you head achs? St. John Bosco was a Saint, and I am mearly a man. How does one instatute the three guiding principles? It sounds good on paper but how does it work in real life?



All responses please see the aforementioned web site for the three principles.



Prayer. I know that seems like a cop-out, but I've found that through meditation and prayer I'm able to keep my cool. Obviously no one is perfect, even the saints. However, they are there to motivate us to do better. As long as you do your BEST to impliment the philosophies with an emphasis on loving and caring for the children. I think that if you asked any of the saints they would all tell you that it wasn't easy :o

I'm looking at doing a VIDES mission as well and I hope that through some experience and hands on knowledge I learn to better apply the prinicples of St. John Bosco.

Thanks for bringing this up Mattcos,


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