Salesians of Don Bosco/Missionaries of Charity


Ok guys...I'm beginning to really feel confident in my vocation. I haven't told anyone that the Salesians of Don Bosco and the Missionaries of Charity Brothers really interest me... yet. My mom is very modern, liberal, and easy going. I know she will have a hard time accepting my vocation. My dad is very religious, conservative, and humble (I'm not saying my mother isn't, by the way). I know he will embrace my vocation and be happy for me. My question is, even though I respect my mother's opinion, should I really take it into consideration? I feel so strongly about my vocation and my aspirations that I don't think I will care what she thinks. And I know that sounds mean, but I don't know. Should I trust God and follow him, even if it means in a sense "giving up on my mother?" I know that sounds extremely radical that I would say give up. By giving up I essentially mean following my calling and not taking into consideration her liberal ideas and doing what I know I should do?

-Please keep me in your prayers. I pray for everyone on this forum.


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