Salinas Crop Circle Destroyed by Landowner [What made this?]

What made this?
Thanks and God Bless.


A lawn mower and a guy with a really nice imagination.




Someone or a small group of somebodies with a lot of time on their hands.

It has been revealed that many of these crop circles are fake. For some it is not so clear, but for most it is.

My sister worked on ranches and farms for nearly 20 years and she has explained how easy it really is to create something like this, and at least in the places she worked a lot of the people involved in such things thought it was just funny to do.

That said, I do believe there are real UFO’s out there. But that is another topic all together.


They also showed another video of people saying theywere flashing lights. I did not remember if there were actually lights within the video.


A “very detailed” and “quite beautiful” crop circle drew hundreds of curiosity seekers to a farm outside the small town of Chualar, Calif., this week for a fleeting look at the crop circle, which was mowed down Tuesday. … One local says he saw a lot of people in the field with ladders just before the crop circle was spotted, and another backs him up: "I saw them … in the field just walking around, and it looked like they had little GPSes or something."Newser


I don’t know why, but if there’s a GPS mobile app for making crop circles, I think that would be funny.


Here’s a pic of the crop circle. Supposedly the number 192 in braille is all over this.

Which means, they are expecting a blind giant to rub his fingers over the corn field!! :eek:


Everyone knows it was the aliens!


Looks identical to a circuit in an Android and Windows phone.

Explains why they mowed it down. :slight_smile:


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